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What We Do

Live4IoT is a cloud-based software platform that utilizes GPS, LBS, cellular, and IoT technology. Live4IoT is a one-stop shop IoT service provider. We collaborate with customers to create flexible and reliable solutions that solve your challenges and improve your business efficiency.

Our open API and multiplatform functionality offer the versatility and flexibility you need to increase your ROI. Contact us for your tracking needs.

Platform Features
Device sharing
Share devices with multiple users in the same group
Track Sharing
Send a tracking link to anybody for a set period of time
Worldwide Tracking
International tracking and SIM cards available
Complete Visibility
Get a comprehensive view of your devices and their history with our customizable data center
Unlimited Geofencing
Know when a device enters or leaves a specified area and set unlimited geofences anywhere, anytime
Customizable Dashboard
Conveniently manage and visualize all your data on the home screen
Hardware Agnostic
Our platform is compatible with many gps and telematics devices, please contact us for our hardware list and device integration
Tracking History
A complete history of all of your movement on the go in real-time
White labeling
We offer web portal and mobile app customization
Multiplatform Compatibility
Web/iOS/Android accessible. Want a different look? Collaborate with one of our designers to make your very own application
Custom alerts and notifications
Manage alerts and notifications for the optimal level of knowledge without taking away from your workflow
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Pack up
Our platform is compatible with many GPS and telematics devices. Contact us for our hardware list and device integrations.
Real Time Tracking
Quick updates for tracking on the go.
Location tracking up to every 5 seconds.
Enhanced accuracy, no matter where you are.
WIFI, BLE, GPS enabled
On Demand Tracking
Dependable location information for your assets out in the field
Our proprietary technology keeps you connected 24/7/365
Essential for any market vertical. 
Reliable updates for your devices in remote locations.
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